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Idenati is designed to simplify your experience, to organize everything you do online in one place, allowing you to focus and be more productive.

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Manage everything you do online from your Idenati command center.


Organize your favorite websites in one place.


Navigate across the web with fewer clicks.


Simple & secure password management.


Create notes to manage tasks & reminders.

Why People Use Idenati

"Idenati has become my homepage for the internet. So easy & convenient!"

Sam S.

"I love how easy it is to share tiles with friends, family, and colleages!"

Serena R.

"I recently helped my mom sign up. I love knowing that I can access her stuff in case of emergency."

Kendra A.

How To Get Started

For a limited time, our founders are hosting 1-on-1 meetings on Zoom to help new users get started with Idenati. Sign up now for a chance to secure a spot!


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Limited to 40 website tiles and notes.


Use Idenati to organize everything you do online.

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Add unlimited website tiles and notes.

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Idenati challenges you to reconsider your online experience. This podcast challenges you to reconsider how you live your life. Does your chosen path optimize for the things that truly matter to you?

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